About me

Alex Malitsky photo

Hi, I'm Alex Malitsky — frontend architect and engineer based in SF bay area.

Until recently I worked for VMware as UI team lead and prior to that as a senior UI engineer for the software load-balancer UI since the early days of AviNetworks.

I specialize in:

  • frontend architecture
  • UI infrastructure (bundlers, linters, dev servers, testing)
  • JavaScript, TypeScript and OOP
  • AngularJs & Angular
  • D3 (data visualizations)
  • UX

Currently I'm working on web projects of my own (including this blog) and contributing to open source.

I'm a big fan of cars (esp car design and racing) and nuclear energy. You can expect posts, projects and examples/illustrations related to those subjects.

In this blog I'm writing down ideas and learnings from my development and engineering experience. Main reason being the desire to reflect on these and have them formulated in more or less succinct form so that I, myself, could come back and re-learn something if needed.

You can find me on twitter, github, linkedin or via alex at amalitsky dot com.